I had taken a similar boating course many years age and this BoatRI Boating Safety Course most definitely expanded my boating safety knowledge. The instructor is superbly knowledgeable of the boating safety subject matter. I’m thrilled to have taken this course. I’m looking forward to taking his Navigation 101 Course.”

Cheryl L.

I really enjoyed the videos and props that the instructor presented to further explain the various points of interest along with the demonstration of how life jackets do save lives when worn properly. What a great course and the instructor was totally in tune with what we needed to know to be safe on the water.”

– Brian S.

I was very impressed with what the course presented and the information that was gleaned from this instructor’s vast knowledge of boating safety. A great course and I recommend that any and all boaters, young and old, male or female, take this course. It was amazing to learn what I didn’t know.”

– Gerod S.

A great course and an amazing learning experience. I would recommend this course to all boaters. The instructor knows what he’s talking about and has the videos to prove it.”

– Ethan S.

I took both his BoatRI Boating Safety Course and his Navigation 101 Course and all I can say is that instructor is “Awesome” and he knows what he’s talking about. He knows how to put the point across so everyone understands the subject matter.”

– Cassie T.

BoatRI Classroom Course Registration

All classes are held on Saturdays in Room 300 at the DEM (Foundry Complex) located at 235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI 02908. Class dates may be changed if enrollment is less than 4 participants.

About the Instructor

Normand R. Choquette is a USCG Auxiliary Certified Recreational Boating Safety Specialist

Also certified in:

  • NASBLA RI “Instructor of the Year” 2018 & 2019
  • USCG Auxiliary Certified Vessel Examiner
  • RI Certified MSD Agent/Inspector
  • United States Navy Veteran (Vietnam era)
Our Location

RI DEM Bldg.(Foundry)
235 Promenade Street,
Providence, RI 02908

Primary: 401.3236960
Secondary: 401.291.0225